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If you’d love to know if working with me is the right fit for YOU, then please reach out!
I’d love to chat and help where I can!

I’m also available for speaking, workshops, guest blogging and podcasting.

I can speak on a range of topics from:

  • Common sense health & fitness for people who struggle to stay motivated;
  • Why dieting is keeping you overweight and miserable;
  • Ways you can move when you hate exercising;
  • Perfectionism is keeping you stuck at your current weight;
  • How to overcome niggles & pains without overhauling your life;
  • And I’m always open to different topics to suit your audience!


Melbourne, Victoria Australia
(North Eastern Suburbs – Watsonia, Macleod, Greensborough etc)


0408 618 274



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Living a fit & healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be an overhaul or extreme!
Learn to do it YOUR way! – You’ve got this!