About Me

Hey! I’m Amanda rattay

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, your health or your fitness I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there too!

My battle with my body, health and my relationship with food has been up and down for most of my life. Since I can remember I was a secret binge eater and consequently always struggled with my weight.

I felt like I was always on a diet or exercise program. I’d get fed up with my weight so I’d spend countless hours researching the next program/fad and convince myself this was finally it. It always ended up being the same story, I’d throw myself into it and end up I’d sabotage my results.

I’d be killing myself in the gym, eating revolting and ridiculous foods yet a couple of days in (or week’s if I was being “really good and strict”) I’d be secretly binge eating.

Why would I do that to myself when I’ve been busting my butt in the gym? Getting up at stupid o’clock, being so tired and sore, suffering through bland yucky food…. And now I’m stuffing my face with a block of chocolate? Why would I do that to myself? What’s wrong with me? And then I’d start to wonder, why did it work for everyone else but never me?

Maybe it was my fault? Clearly I just didn’t have enough willpower or want it enough. I must be lazy and just need to suck it up more. It meant that my next program had to be even more extreme. If I couldn’t even stick with that program, I had to do something drastic to get quick results. Otherwise what’s the point?

In the meantime I’d still be hating on myself. I’d avoid going to social events. I always felt so uncomfortable and worried that everyone was talking about me. Judging how crappy my ill fitting clothes looked because I refused to buy ‘fat clothes’ that actually fit. Often I’d just switch off and go out of my way to show everyone how super confident, happy and carefree I was… yet on the inside I was cringing and hating myself even more!

I got to a point that I’d had enough.
I was sick of always feeling embarrassed, sitting out of things for fear of looking ridiculous and then pretending it didn’t bother me.
I refused to believe that I had to either train for unrealistic hours for the rest of my life or starve myself to get results.
I still wanted to hang out with friends, go out to dinners and not punish myself with exercise if I ate takeout!

– Spoiler alert – There is no magic program or diet 😉
I decided to do something about it and became a Personal Trainer!

If any of this resonates with you, I’ll skip to the awesome part and reassure you that YOU CAN DO THIS  and you don’t have to become a PT hehe!

If you feel overwhelmed or daunted at the process, there is a light at the end! (Even though it may not feel like it right now).

Maybe you’re feeling exhausted, tired and run down all of the time or struggling to stay motivated and accountable I can help

Years as a Trainer

Health & Fitness Certifications

Burpees Inflicted

Cups of Coffee

Me doing my first MTB race
(… can you see the fear in my eyes hehe)

“I’m going to help you discover what’s going to work for you!
What’ll work in YOUR lifestyle, rather than this ‘perfect lifestyle’ that most programs preach our lives “should look like”… but are utterly unrealistic or sustainable for REAL people! ”

My Approach

My approach is about making it work with what you’ve currently got. Not trying to make up even more hours in your already exhausted day!

We’ll accommodate any health or fitness challenges that may have stopped you in the past. I’ll teach you to be able to be adaptable and flexible. That means when life stuff comes up you can stay focused and stick with it!

We’re going to help you change your mindset so you can let go of all of the guilt, frustration and overwhelm towards yourself so you can finally feel confident and in control

I’ll be there with you every step of the way to help you stay accountable and on track. It may mean an occasional dose of Amanda tough love, however I promise there’ll be laughs along the way too.

We’ll focus on making it realistic and easy so you can actually achieve and KEEP those great results!

Have a question? I’d love to help!