I believe most of us ‘know’ what to do… We just need help to do it!

Is this you?

You’ve thrown yourself into countless diets & programs but nothing lasts! You’re starting to wonder if it’ll ever happen? 

You are so frustrated that no matter how hard you try, you always end up sabotaging yourself and reverting back to old habits? 

You’re sick of the guilt, shame and embarrasment and want to get out of this never ending yo-yo loop?  

You’re so exhausted, tired and overwhelemd because you spend so much time looking after everyone else so end up having  no time for you? 

Deep down you really want to change
but you’re not sure you can.

I know exactly how that feels
because I’ve been there too!

For years I used to struggle and tried countless diets and programs but nothing ever stuck or changed!

They’d work for a little while but I’d always revert back to my old habits feeling more dejected and frustrated with myself.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’d be sobbing into a tub of ice cream wondering what on earth was wrong with me…

Why couldn’t I get it!
Hating how I felt.
Feeling guilty and ashamed all of the time.
I was miserable and always on a ‘diet’ but nothing ever changed!

As a Personal Trainer with over 12 years experience and hundreds of happy clients I’d love to help you break out of this vicious yo-yo cycle once and for all!

What do you need?

Unlike most of the fitness industry I DO NOT BELIEVE that there is a “one size fit’s all approach” when it comes to YOUR BODY!

I am so sick of PT’s pushing ‘their perfect formula’ onto you and expecting you to follow it!
And when life happens and you slip up, then having the audacity to make you feel guilty and like you’ve failed!

Seriously if I hear one more trainer saying “just don’t eat that” I swear I’ll go nuts!
You’re an adult, you don’t need to be treated like a naughty kid!
If you had this figured out you wouldn’t be asking for their help, guidance and support in the first place!
It’s not about them, it’s about what you need so enough with the judgement & guilt already!
(haha ok, I’ll stop my #amandarant.. for now anyways🙊!)

I know with absolute certainty that following someone else’s way IS NOT what you need!
You have to figure out what is going to work for YOU!
For your body, for your lifestyle, for your time constraints!

It needs to look at your fitness levels and what your body needs (which isn’t advanced crazy exercises if you’re just starting out!)

It’s about giving you a real plan that’s flexible so you can stay consistent even when you’re juggling life, work, the kids, the cat and dog and all of the the things demanding your attention!

It’s not about cutting out food groups, unless you plan to do that forever! (Otherwise the weight will pile back on as soon as you start again!)

If you hate going to gym, it’s about finding out ways you can move that work for you!

It’s about helping you through the tough times when you’re feeling unmotivated, struggling and your mean guy/girl is sabotaging you!

Importantly it’s about helping you to make the necessary shifts with your mindset!

Helping you to make this so easy and enjoyable that it becomes part of your lifestyle instead of a grind or a chore!

And if you’re more of a visual kinda person, here’s a 7min video sharing what this program is all about >>>

Here’s what my monthly VIP program is all about:

What’s included and how it works:

This program is all about you having ME in your ear every week!

Sounds simple which is EXACTLY WHY IT WORKS and why it’s SO DIFFERENT to everything else you’ve ever tried before!

If you stop and think about it, it’s true!
How many diets, fads and programs have you tried before? And they most likely worked for a short time but then you reverted back to old habits.

So what’s the missing piece of the puzzle?
Having someone to help you stay accountable, on track and helping you to get results every week!

And this is what I do the best.
I help my guys stay on track, I break things down into realistic and easy steps so you it takes all of the guess work out of it! And because it’s SO EASY you’ll actually do it!

It’s tailored to what YOU need:

This is suitable for all levels. So it doesn’t matter if you’re ‘unfit’ or ‘unmotivated’ or if you’re want to look and feel fabulous for a special event!

Every week I’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow so that you get the results that you crave! But it’ll be without the extremes, crazy or overhauls so you can still live life and enjoy it! (No locking yourself away from the real world!)

It’s about what you need! That mean no diets, no crazy hours at gym, no starvation!
The fact is you get results when your’e consistent and that’s where most people fail.

Because we talk each week I’ll ensure you stay on track and the best part is you’ll still be able to eat out, go to social events and won’t be required to do a ridiculous amount of exercise to make it happen!

(Seriously this works! It’s not a trick and there aren’t any catches, even though the fitness industry would love to tell you otherwise!)

The details:

As little or as much as you need: I don’t believe in a one size fit’s all approach which is why this program is month to month. There are no minimum terms (yes you can cancel after 1 month), there is no awkwardness or ickinesss games that the fitness industry plays.

If you’re need a boost of motivation to get back on track or for a particular event – this is the perfect way to get the push and motivation you need for a month or two!

Perhaps you’re feeling really overwhelmed and have a long way to go. I can be with you every step of the way to give you the support for as long as you need!

Either way YOU are in control and you can cancel at anytime (which in my opinion is the way it should be!) 

Money back guarantee – if after the first 2 calls you’re not completely satisfied with your results or the program I’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee (yes that means the 2 calls end up being free). I want this to be a great fit for us both which is why I’m backing us both!

I am 100% convinced that with my support I can help you achieve your goals and I want this to be such an easy decision that you can use that energy instead to focus on YOU!

This isn’t for everyone…

What the program does NOT include:

  • This WILL NOT be a quick fix, fad or extreme overhaul. If you’re looking to lose a million kilos in a week and then revert back to old habits, this is NOT for you.
  • It won’t be about me preaching that you’ve got to do hours of any type of exercise!
    (Yup no hours of cardio, weights or gym unless you WANT to!)
  • It will not include an extreme fancy workouts that are beyond your level. Seriously, some of my guys start out walking and are losing an avg. of 1kg per week!
  • I won’t be forcing you to count calories, starve or make seperate weird meals. It’s all about helping navigate through and come up with common sense plan that’ll work for you!
  • No Gimmicks or BS. 
  • My promise to you is I’ll be with you every step of the way helping to keep you accountable, stay motivated and make it easy so you stay on track, get results and achieve the health & fitness you deserve and crave!

This works because it’s….





Unlike every other time this is going to  suit your lifestyle, your body, your goals and your motivation levels!

Without changing your mindset any diet or program will always end up being a short term band aid. Together we’ll work on your mindset to ensure this becomes your way of life…. not another quick fix!

You no longer have to put yourself last because you’re too busy, too tired or unsure. I’ll help you each week come up with a super easy plan that will get you results!

<<< THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS! You don’t need to have it all figured out and you don’t need to do this on your own! I’ve got your back which is why this time it’s going to work – long term!

Some love from the guys who’ve worked with me:

I lost 7kg in 8 weeks

I have been working with Amanda for 4 months now. I initially engaged her to help to improve my fitness and lose some weight, hopefully in time for my brother’s wedding.

Amanda keeps me interested by continually changing the exercises I do so it is never boring. She is also great at keeping my motivation up and I got really good results from her training methods. I managed to lose about 7kg in the 8 weeks leading up to the wedding and my general strength, fitness and energy levels are better than they have been in YEARS!

I’m enjoying working with her so much I’ve stayed on after the wedding!

I would recommend Amanda to anyone who is looking to improve their general health and get motivated!

Better results than the gym!

I have loved working with you this last month, I’ve honestly never felt so supported and you’ve played a massive part in all changes that have occurred. 

In just one month online I have had better results, support and motivation with you this last month than I had 12 months at the gym! 

Thank you soooo much xx

11.4kg & 57cm smaller!

I weighed in today and literally cried, I’m 11.4 kg lighter! And 57 cm smaller to!

I’ve never been so happy with my hard work before. I just wanted to let you know that my mind is right, my heart and determination are up and kicking goals like this makes me sooo incredibly happy!!

Thank you so much for being such a beautiful support.”

She's not like other trainers

I’ve been working with Amanda for approximately 6 months and I can honestly tell you she is like no other Personal Trinare I’ve worked iwth in the past. What seperates Amanda from other Trainers is that her approach is not just about how you look!

She will acoomodate her training and recommendations to whatevery you require, whether that’s to lose weight quickly or over the long term! Build muscle and strenght, increase fitness l evels, improve ating habits or all of the above. Whatever YOU need she can accomodate!

My expereince has been quite life changing both physically and mentally. When I first started with Amanda I was so unfit, overwheight, exhausted, my eating habits were erratic and I was smoking like a chimney. I was so tired and unhappy in how I looked and felt. But Amanda don’t ask me how knows my capabilities both physically and mentally better than I do. she knows exactly how far to push me and what I need. 6 months on adn I’m well on my way to where I want to get too and I will be honest in saying if I feel this good already, how good am I going to feel when I get to my goal?!?!?

So if you’re considering working with Amanda I would without a doubt highly recommend her… In fact I would encourage you too!

I never realised just how much the support is needed!

I never truly realised just how much the support is needed, I’ve always just done stuff on my own and that’s why I haven’t really succeeded. You want people in your corner cheering you on. Thank you❤️ For encouraging me always, and gifting me the tools to be the best version of me XX

Why you're the trainer for me

I wanted to give you some feedback. I’ve been working with another trainer and I don’t think I’m going to finish, it’s not working for me.

She’s lovely but is a “just stop eating this stuff” and “how you should just cut out stuff” and blah blah blah.

It made me appreciate more how you talk to us in a realistic way. About real struggles and achievements that normal people go through. Not just a go do this and you will be awesome.

You talk about setting yourself habits or patterns that are small steps that are achievable and working up to the big picture.

So just to reiterate you are brilliant!”

Wedding weight loss

I can’t thank you enough for helping me lose 10kg for my wedding. I love our chats, they’re so motivating and you always know exactly what I need to hear. You always give me the nudge I need to keep up my hard work and to keep me sane. I’m so happy and really appreciate it! xx

You Get Results & Can Trust Her!

Amanda gives you motivation to work to your full potential.

You get results quickly with Amanda, she gets to know you on a personal level and makes it all a very enjoyable experience.

You develop a trust in her, you know that she won’t give you anything that you can’t do, so you put your trust in her and work extra hard.

Amanda keeps in touch throughout the week and helps you with healthy eating and follow up exercises.

Amanda is a highly motivated trainer who is passionate about exercise and healthy eating and this rubs off on her clients.

I look forward to my sessions with her.”

Achieving fantastic results!

Your positive & energetic training style has helped me stay motivated & achieve fantastic results.

With Amanda’s help my fitness, self-esteem and confidence has improve 100%!

Feeling liberated & Loving myself

This woman is awesome and a legend!  😍 😎 😇
She is the epitome of REAL and I adore her! 😘

She started me on the “do it differently this time” path, believing in me and helping me learn the lessons of self kindness and compassion. She has been there for me right through the my journey, with messages of encouragement and an unfailing belief that this is all part of me finally achieving the goals I want – to not just lose weight, but to gain a body I love and appreciate.

She is a huge part of the reason I am feeling liberated and loving myself. Her approach has me moving again for the first time in forever, but with no shame, no pressure, just moving cos it feels good, and with all her sense of fun and love. And a great group of people offering support and witty comments too! 

I'm ecstatic with my results!

You are a realistic trainer who teaches how to be fit by applying certain exercises & mindset tools into my everyday life.

I am ecstatic with my results and I don’t think that I could have achieved them without you.


I had a moment

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your message! You made me have a moment! Also thought I’d share that I volunteered to run this morning at gym! And I was stoked with my efforts. And felt the need to tell you because you have had a huge part in my mind shift, you have encouraged and reminded me that I’m stronger and capable of so much more!

Thanks for ensuring my success

I really appreciate your messages. Thanks for keeping me real and ensuring my success. You are absolutely right because consistency is what I’m striving for!!! And thanks for the virtual hugs. You’re a great cheerleader – can feel your energy through the airwaves. xx

Thank you for the support

Thank you for the love, support and incredible belief and PUSH you give. You are amazing and have such a way to connect with peole. Even my kids are loving it, they never complain about going for a run or a ride. They are happier too!

Keep me sane

Your regular messages have been so helpful to keep me sane! It’s always lovely having you nudge and prod me on!!
Thank you.

The best version of myself

Really felt the need to post in here tonight. I really have always felt that my fitness physically was OK even though I never excelled in any area. I really felt very emotional tonight as I reflected on this journey I have started on with Amanda. I feel like I always cruise through life and having someone in my camp who believes in me and encourages me to be the best version of myself is really incredible for me. Like even this setting a goal thing seemed small but was actually really big for me as I never set goals and I didn’t think much of myself to think I could achieve them.. LOVE LOVE LOVE what’s going on in here and getting to share this journey with you.

If you’d love to share some of the success that my others clients have had I’d love to work with you too!

Ready to get RESULTS? 

If you’re looking for the support, accountability and help to reach your health & fitness goals I’m so excited for you!

I work with a small number of VIP clients to help them get results. If you’d love to discuss working with me you can book a call HERE

VIP Coaching

  • 1 x weekly video/phone call for 45mins

  • Access to workout, nutrition and mindset videos that you can do at anywhere

  • Plus weekly check-in and support to ensure you’re on track

The price is $300.00 AUD per month
(Paid monthly through PayPal)

REMEMBER it’s month to month with NO lock in contracts. PLUS there is a 100% money back guarantee.
If after the first 2 calls if you’re not completely satisfied with your results or the coaching I’ll refund you the entire amount! (No catches, sleaziness or BS I promise! I get that commiting to ‘yet another thing’ can be daunting. I’m convinced I can help you but I want you to have that same confidence too!)

Maybe you’ve got some questions:

I think I need a PT session or a workout app (otherwise I'm worried it won't work):

I understand that you might be worried that this isn’t going to work because we’re not ‘working out’ together.

I also get that you may doubt if you’ll actually do the exercise on your own.

I wholeheartedly believe and know it works (My guys lose on average 1kg a week. And that is when they’ve been super stressed, had so many things come up that in the past they would have skipping gym, sabotaging themselves and eating everything in site! But because of our weekly calls they’re not only staying on track they’re STILL getting results!)

It’s also why I’m giving you the 100% money back gaurentee to help you give it a shot so you can see that it will work for you too – but with no risk or obligation!

Unlike a once off PT session a week or a generic app, they don’t factor in what YOU NEED!

Often their approach is about telling you to do it their way, eat this way, move that way….. 

That is NOT my style because I know that doesn’t work!

Plus a once off PT session a week or a online program / app doesn’t check inwith you and make sure you’re on track!

It doesn’t help you if you’re struggling!

It doesn’t give you steps to adapt when life get’s busy, you have to travel or you’re just not motivated!

They don’t ehck in and make sure you’re actually doing what you need and help you mix it up when you’re not on track!

You have to motivate yourself and try to keep going – even when your enthusiasm has worn off!

Which never really sticks right! I know from my own experience I’ve spent so much money on programs and diets and without the accountability I’d end up sabotaging myself or getting overwhelmed/too busy so they’d end up sitting there unsused! (And then I’d feel guilty I’d wasted even more $$$)

And being really upfront I have the same if not better results than I do with my PT clients. Why – because we’re going deeper than just making you sweat!

When you break it down, with a 45min PT session by the time you warm up (5mins) and cool down (5mins) you’ve got 35mins to make a difference. Which being real – if you’ve had a bad day or got stuff going on, how much value can you really get in that time?

So for it to be worthwile you need to be training 2-3 times per week which starts to add up $$$!

Plus I offer my clients the flexibility to mix our weekly calls up. Sometimes we’re doing a workout, sometimes I’m showing them specific exercises to help their bodies and sometimes it’s just about shaking it up and taking the thinking out of it.

The most important thing I can impart however is unlike anything else out there you get me in your head each and every week helping you tailor it to exactly what you need! That means you get results that last, it’s not a fad! 

I can help you with motivation, consistency and teach you the tools so you can adapt as life comes up. Finally you can take control back of your own health & fitness instead of feeling like you’re always in a vicious on/off cycle!

(And to make this an even ever decision for you I’ve made it a 100% money back guarentee. That’s how positive I am this will work if you want to change! <3)

How's this different to everything else I've tried?

I get it and been there too! This will work because it’s about YOU!

It’s not a generic cookie cutter program.
I won’t be telling you to eat foods you hate, spend unrealistic hours in the kitchen and I certainly won’t tell you to stop eating chocolate… GASP!!!

It is tailored to you and what your body needs! Your fitness levels, your time constraints, what you enjoy doing!

And I work closely with you to make sure that you stay on track and stick with it!

How nice is it to know that you’ve got an expert who has your back <3 

I really hate gyms / exercising / diets. Will this work for me?

 YES! This isn’t about blindly following along to what the trainer is saying to everyone (who being blunt isn’t interacting with you and doesn’t know your specific situation.)

I’ll use my years of experience to help you come up with a plan that’s going to suit you!

I’ll take out all of the guess work out of what you “should be doing” so you can focus on getting it done and feeling fantastic!

And a huge difference in my training style is that’s it’s not just one dimensional!

You can tweak your nutrition and get results without moving;

You can move more without being overwhelmed or having to change your diet;

Your can start making shifts in your mindset that help you deal with life day to day;

There are so many small, easy things that we can focus on to get results and will make you feel great!

And just in case you still have doubts I was talking to one of my long term VIP clients. When she started she was so worried about how unfit she was and admited that she barely walked 2000 steps per day. She now often messages me telling me she’s done 20000 STEPS in one day! (That wasn’t a typo!)

She’s so fabulous and a machine!
She loves being outdoors, the fresh air, the stress relief and loves the ‘her time’ she makes for herself by walking.

Oh and the 30+ kg she’s lost in the process has been a great motivator too!

But here’s the kicker, we were reminicsing and on her very first call we set her the homework of 3 x 10min walks for the week! That’s it! Nothing more, no food changes, no water, no more exercise… No distance or crazy things to be achieved! 3 x 10 minute walks and now look at where she is!

I can not stress this enough
(And get damn impressive results when you’re consistent, and that’s where I come in!) 

I'm so busy and overwhelmed right now! I can't deal with the thought of starting something new!

Agh I can relate!
The thought of finding time or starting something is just too overwhelming and too hard!

We know that we “should” be looking after ourselves but juggling everything makes it all too hard! (And then we feel guilty about it and even further from our goals! “Ugh is this even possible!” We tell ourselves what’s the point and ‘distract ourselves’ instead < for me that would be with a block of chocolate!) 

Let me take the guess work, confusion and struggle away for you!

I’ll help you come up with a REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE plan that’s so easy you do it!

And I promise it won’t feel like a burden or another thing you have to add to your list!

It’s going to give you more energy to tackle your day so you can stop feeling guilty you put yourself last (again).

Plus with your healthier and stronger body you won’t be getting run down and sick all the time!

Let me show you how to create a flexible and realistic plan that’ll work for you no matter how busy life gets so you can look after you!

And if for any reason you’re still unsure, we can jump on a free no BS call together and talk it out 🙂


I'm worried I'm going to waste my money (like all of the other programs I've done before)

Ok I can admit that I am really guilty of this too!

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of diets, fads, quick fixes and crazy programst that I signed up for….. Andddd never finished!

Or if I did finish them as soon as I was done reverted back to bad habits and undid all of my hard work!

It came to a point that I was embarrased to tell my friends or family that I was “yet again” starting a new diet or program. I’d try and hide it from them, which often meant I had to lock myself away from the world (because why do we get invited to every function under the sun as soon as we start something!)

I was ashamed that I couldn’t make it work or I couldn’t stick with it. I often felt like it was my fault and that there was something wrong with me, because clearly I didn’t get it!

So if you are feeling this way at all, I completely understand and I respect that you’ve made it this far on the page!

I know with UTTER CONVICTION if you’re ready to make a change and you will allow me to work with you that I can help you!

I’m not going to try and force you to follow a particular system or way of doing things!

I will not judge you or berate you if life get’s in the way.

I understand, I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, I’ve felt it and I get it!

I’m going to share MY tools, experiences and techniques AND I’m also going to share my 12 years of expertise and clients experiences too!

Together we’re going to figure out what YOU NEED and then I’ll give you the support to make that happen!

But being blunt and with some Amanda love – the magic happens in the accountability & ongoing communication!

However – If you’re just looking for a generic, cookie cutter approach and want to try the same old thing again then this is where we part way with smiles as this isn’t the program for you!


I have an injury and not sure if this would suit me?

Ugh that sucks! I know how frustrating it can be. It’s easy to fall out of routine, be eating more and feel like it’s all against you.

Let’s chat and see if this will work for you right now. When injured it’s easy to feel helpless however depending on your situation there are many things we can do and focus on.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with a number of client’s who have had injuries, going through rehabilitation or recovering from reconstructions and replacements!

I will take extreme care in making sure that this program is suitable for you. I’m also more than happy to work with your existing medical team and have done so for clients in the past (like your doctor, physio, specialist etc).

However let’s chat first to ensure that this is going to be a good fit as I don’t want to waste your time! I want to make sure that it’s going to be a postitive experience and have you feeling great again in no time!

What is your 100% Money Back Guarentee / No Contracts all about?

I undersatnd if you’ve struggled with your weight, health and fitness this may not be the first time you’ve invested in yourself before.

As you’ll have read by now, it’s something I struggled with for years and had a lot of guilt, shame, embarrasment and resentments towards!

Which is why I want to make this a super simple decision for you!

If after the first 2 calls we have when you start this program if you’re not completely satisfied with your results or the program, I will give you a 100% money back guarantee! That means the entire amount back and you had the first two calls for free!

This program is also month to month: You can literally sign up for one month and then cancel. This is a fantastic option for those who are looking for a kick up the bum or a dose of inspiration. Or for if you’re still a little unsure, you can sign up with absolute confidence that you’re not being locked into anything and that you can cancel at any time!

Seriously there are no catches, no gimmicks, no slimey sales pitches or ickiness! I want to make sure that this is working for you (and me)! I really want to work with you if you’re ready to make a change with your health & fitness but want that help to make it stick once and for all!
I know how daunting it can be and impossible it can feel which is why I want to take any of that guess work out of it for you!

And please remember at this point we can still have a no obligation chat.

It’s a chance for us to make sure we’re a great fit (hehe never get’s old!)
We can use this time to chat about what you need, how I can help and any reservations that you may have and I’d lvoe to give you some tips to help you!
As above I’m 100% confident and I want you to know that you can do this too!  🙂




(So much so that I’m backing myself with a 100% money back gaurentee!)


I would LOVE to help you take charge of your health & fitness once and for all…. But without all of the BS and crazy that’s out there!
I have a very down to earth common sense approach and unlike most trainers, I’ve been exactly where you are so I KNOW that the struggle is real!
If you’re ready I’ll give you the accountability and support to cut through all of the crap, help you discover what you need and get you the results that you crave!
Give me a call if you’re ready to change your body & life today!
IF NOT NOW….. WHEN? – You’ve got this!