There’s a reason you can’t stick with diets or programs.
You’re trying to force their ideal into your life!
No wonder it never works!
I’m here to help you DISCOVER WHAT YOU NEED!


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Check out some of my articles… However, please be warned!

There may or may not be a couple of #amandarants in there about some of the BS and crap I see from the Fitness Industry. 🙊

Work With Me

I’ve been in your shoes and know how tough it can feel on your own. 

I’d really love to help!

Let’s work together to discover what YOU need, instead of trying to force someone else’s generic program into your life.

You’ve got this!

Accountability & Support to help you stay on track!

If the answer was “just dieting” or “just exercising” I’m sure you’d already have the dream body, health & fitness that you crave!
(Gosh I know I’ve done enough diets & fads for the both of us!) 

To make real change…. Change that actually sticks;
You need to dig deeper!
And I’d love to show you how you can make this a lifestyle!
But without all of the crazy, fads, extremes or quick fixes that never last!

Some love from some of my guys!

This woman is awesome and a legend! 😍😎😇 She
is the epitome of REAL and I adore her!

😘 She
started me on the "do it differently this time" path, believing in me
and helping me learn the lessons of self kindness and compassion. She has been
there for me right through the PTSD journey, with messages of encouragement and
an unfailing belief that this is all part of me finally achieving the goals I
want - to not just lose weight, but to gain a body I love and appreciate.

– Julie B

positive and energetic training style has helped me stay motivated and achieve
fantastic results. With Amanda's help my fitness, self-esteem and confidence
has improve 100%!

– Kate C

Every now and then if
you are lucky, you get yo meet some extraordinary people and I am only one of
the many people whose lives have been enriched by the amazing Amanda Rattay. Thank you for your empathy insight and
encouragement and of course a big push whenever it was needed.
Thank you for being you! Be very proud of
how many lives you have reached.



– Cheryl N

Thank you for your support
and guidance and being with me every step of this new journey


– Terri S

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