Would you love some accountability & guidance with your fitness?

If you find yourself wanting to move more (but always putting it off)

Find it a bit overwhelming to start or unsure of what to do;

Perhaps you feel to rushed, busy and put everyone else first so you don’t have time to workout;

Or maybe you want to add a bit of fun & variety into your workouts to mix them up.

If so I’d love for you to come and join my FREE Challenge #7for7

It’s 7 minutes of exercise for 7 days!

The whole idea of the challenge is to give you a boost of motivation,

And a dose of inspiration and show you how easy it can be to move & put yourself first!
Even when life is hectic or crazy!

Because when you stick with something, you feel great about yourself, you get more energy and feel really good!


I’m not promising that you’ll lose 7lb in 7 days,
get 6 pack abs or be able to do 100 push-ups at the end!


I don’t prescribe to any of that BS!

This is about moving & feeling good about yourself!

The challenge is about making it easy to focus on YOURSELF!

It’s reminding you that we can all find 7 minutes to prioritise our health;

To show you how easy it can be to incorporate movement into your day
(no matter how busy you are);

Help you feel awesome and remind you that exercise can absolutely turn your day around;

It’s about getting your body moving without it being scary or overwhelming!

Starting on Monday 4th of March 2019

How It Works

Every day I’ll email you a NEW workout. It’ll be a varied to keep it fun & interesting. We’ll do everything from abs, cardio, boxing, full body etc.

The workouts will be 7 minutes long
(seriously we can ALL find 7 mins a day).

This round after many requests I’ve used Dumbbells for the workouts.
(And I’ve got some ideas even if you don’t have DB’s!)

I’ll give you heaps of different variations and modifications so you can tailor it to your fitness levels and your body!


Is it time to prioritise you and feel awesome?
To be part of this challenge simply sign up below.

And to make it even more convenient for you, at the end of the challenge I’ll send you a link with ALL of the workouts!
(So it’s super easy to keep going, even after the challenge has finished!)

There you have it, the 7 minutes for 7 days challenge.
It’s all about helping you to get your body moving and feeling awesome! 

I can’t wait for you to join me!
Luv Amanda 💪😍 xx

Thank you for your support and guidance and being with me every step of this new journey 😘

I’ve tried a lot of things but been very hit & miss. This has made me feel motivated at a time I desperately needed. Finally I’ve found some consistency.THANK YOU!

The workout videos and posts make it all relateable and not scary. It’s not a yelling boot-camp, it’s so friendly and encouraging without being overwhelming. It makes us believe that we can do stuff!

So fun!!!! Thanks Amanda ❤️❤️❤️