The gift of
health & fitness


Start the new year making healthy choices!

If you’re looking for a fabulous gift that’s going to HELP you with your health and fitness (unlike the box of chocolates hehe), look no further!

Working with me will be a different approach to every other diet, quick fix or fad you’ve tried before!

It’s all about helping you focus on what YOU need to do for your lifestyle, your goals and your body!
It’s the accountability, support and focus to help you stay on track!
It’s the motivation you need for the days you’re struggling; 
And the kick up the bum on the day’s you need a push!

I’ll be there with you every step of the way it means you don’t have to fight this battle on your own! We’ll challenge your mean girl patterns that have always sabotaged you in the past, I’ll keep you focused and ensure you get results!

I promise you that the ‘answer’ isn’t doing another diet or program. 
It’s about having the support so you stick with it and figure out how you can do this YOUR WAY so it lasts forever!

Check out the voucher options I have available:

Amanda Love & Support! 
(2 x 45min calls + program)

Secret Squirrel Membership!
(A supportive group to help you kick butt)

Do you struggle with what you ‘should’ be doing?
Get overwhelmed with what the best plan for YOU is?
Sick and tired of starting and stopping all of the time, but never feeling like you get anywhere?

This is an awesome option for you!

With this voucher we’ll have two calls together.
On the first one we’ll chat about where you’re at, what you’d love to achieve and use that info to come up with a super easy, doable and kick butt plan that will work!!

Our second call will be for us to touch base, evaluate what’s been working, and just as importantly what hasn’t been working!

This WILL NOT BE a generic cookie cutter approach program that only works for as long as you’re motivated! Like seriously once you’ve bought them you don’t have anyone checking in, giving you the nudges and encouragement we all need to actually make this stuff stick!

My style is going to help you focus on what you need and will take everything into account! Like your motivation levels, your lifestyle, how much time you have and what you actually enjoy doing!

You really don’t have to starve yourself, struggle or force yourself to do a program/diet that you hate!

You can do it your way and get results!
And I know this with 100% certainty as it’s exactly what I help my VIP’s do each and every week!

If you’d love my help to get you started, I can’t wait to help you kick butt!

Price: $150 AUD

If you’re not quite ready to jump into working one on one with me, the Secret Squirrel Membership is an awesome option for you!

It’s a super friendly online group filled with amazing people who are all on the same journey you are!

We have regular fun (optional) challenges to help keep you motivated;

Each month you and I do a 1 on 1 call (30mins) that’s all about keeping you on track, coming up with a plan and checking in with what’s working!

You get access to the Squirrel Hub that has workout videos you can do anywhere! There are quick workouts (7 mins) for those days your’re flat out (or can’t be bothered hehe), longer workouts, stretching, boxing, kickboxing and more!

Unlike other programs you’re ‘not another number’ and you don’t hide in the background when thing’s aren’t working. 

I personally check in with you, make sure you’re on track and help give you the friendly motivational nudges and accountability we all need so we can stay on track!

You don’t have to do this on your own!
The Squirrels and I would love to cheer you on, help you on your journey to feeling even more fitter & more fabulous than you already are 😉 

If you’d like to find out more info you can do so here:


OPTIONS: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months
(With NO lock-ins, ongoing contracts or re-occurring debits!)


Secret Squirrel Months

I never truly realised just how much the support is needed, I’ve always just done stuff on my own and that’s why I haven’t really succeeded. You want people in your corner cheering you on.

Thank you❤️  For encouraging me always, and gifting me the tools to be the best version of me XX

i’d love to help you!