Which Fitness Personality will you be?

What's your fitness personality?

Do you want your fitness personality says about you?

  • Maybe you’ve wondered why you can’t stick with a program or diet?
  • Perhaps you're fed up feeling run down, sluggish or tired all of the time?
  • Or frustrated that you can’t seem to motivate yourself…. Even when you know it’s good for you?
  • Or do you find that you always put yourself last and it’s effecting your health.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for over a decade and I’ve identified there are clearly different fitness personalities. 

And depending on what category you fall into, how you approach it can absolutely improve your chance of success!

Oh and by the way.
Before you jump in I want you to know that this isn't one of those crappy quizzes "do you choose kale or chocolate".
 (Like hello... Chocolate wins every time! 🙊)

Having struggled most of my adult life with my health & fitness I refuse to buy into gimmicks, quick fixes or fads! And I'm betting your sick of all of that crap too!

So far I've had 100% feedback and even had people I've never met come back with comments like these: 
"Scary accurate!", "Yep, spot on", "Very interesting!", "So yes, yes yes" and "You got me in one"

I'd love to hear your feedback too when you've done the quiz!

So if you'd love to know what your fitness personality is, take my short quiz to find out! 
Good Luck!
Cheers - Amanda xx

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