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Ongoing Accountability & Support: Membership

Is this you? 

You hate how you feel about yourself, the way you look and it all feels hopeless?

You’re sick of falling into the same old self sabotaging and destructive behaviours, yet you can’t ever break them no matter how much you want to?

You are frustrated, tired, run down and mentally exhausted.

You feel so incredibly defeated and ashamed that you’ve let it get this far?

I know how much that sucks – you’ve got this! 

I’m Amanda, I am a Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience and have worked with hundreds of clients, who have felt exactly like you do!

More importantly, I’ve been exactly where you are too!

I know how it feels to wonder why you don’t get it.
Be so angry and desperate, thinking that you just need to try harder.

And I want to let you know, that’s not true!
You don’t need another diet, overhaul or program!

You can do this! Even if it feels impossible right now <3

I would love to help you flip it all on it’s head.

Instead of forcing someone else’s program into your life, let’s work out what you need!

Because let’s be honest, if that worked you’d have it by now!

making health and fitness EASY

Here’s how I can help:

From my years of training I realise that there isn’t ‘just one way’ to get results. I know the fitness industry won’t like me saying that (how else do they sell stuff), but I want to break through all of the BS!

For us to be able to stick with it and get results we need to look at what’s going to work for us! We need to stop trying to follow along to someone else’s perfect way of life that doesn’t suit us.

We’re all different so we need a flexible and realistic approach to get you there.

We need to discover what you need: 

We need to help you discover what’s going to work for you. It needs to take into account your time constraints, fitness levels, what you like doing and what’s achievable.

There’s no point following along to a cookie cutter program or diet, unless you want to live your life like that forever.

So instead of blindly following along, let’s work out what you want and need to do for YOU!

I’ll give you the support, guidance & ACCOUNTABILITY to stay on track:

How many times have you started a program/diet and it’s easy…
Until life comes up, you get busy or rundown.

And I’ll be right there with you to help you stay on track…. Or kick your butt if it’s needed 😉

Plus you’ll be surrounded by an amazing community who are going through the same thing. A place where it’s all about supporting, encouraging and help each other along! No more shame, judgement or hopelessness.
We’re there to help each other achieve, even during the hard times!

And we’ll talk about mindset: 

You know the saying, if nothing changes then nothing changes…

I finally realised that this is how I’d been tackling my health and fitness. I kept throwing myself into countless diets or programs, but not really changing anything.

When I worked out that I needed to look at how I felt about myself, the guilt and pressure I put on myself, trying to force myself into exercise or using it as punishment…. Well that’s when things really changed for me!

Now teach my guys different tools, tricks and resources that I’ve used to flip that around! And I would love to share those with you too!

And that’s why this membership is going to help you succeed!

It’s about having someone help you figure out what YOU need for YOU!

You having the support and accountability to actually stick it out and work your way through it.

Plus the mindset tools to really change your lifestyle forver!

making health and fitness EASY

So what is actually involved:


    I’m going to be with you to help guide you, give you the tools and resources you need to make real long lasting change in your life! And it’ not about me just telling you what to do. We’ll work together and I’ll be there to help keep you motivated and accountable as you need. So it doesn’t matter if life is ridiculously crazy (but you still want to be healthy) or you’re super pumped and focused. I’ve got your back 🙂


    I’m here to support you in the way that you need! We are all different and going through our own stages!If life’s hectic and crazy, you might pop in once a week to touch base. Or maybe you feel like you need a little more support and guidance and want to come and play daily. Maybe it’s somewhere in the middle.No matter what you choose it’s perfect! This membership is about being flexible for what YOU need!


    Imaging being surrounded by like minded people, who all want the same thing.An uplifting community where it’s safe to share your struggles, get support, share ideas and get advice. A place that’s not about judgement or selfies! Instead it’s about sharing our wins, encouraging each other and kicking butt together!


    Before your mean guy/girl starts to worry you’ll be overwhelmed know that these are optional! Everyone’s schedules, lifestyles and learning styles are different. My aim is to give you different resources that you can use – when you’re ready!In the background we’ll have weekly group calls for those who want to chat with me and get advice. There are videos you can consume in your own time or optional challenges to mix it up and do at your own pace. I want to stress, this whole membership is about day by day, step by step so you use as much or as little as you need… day by day 😉


    No matter where you’re at this membership is about using common sense and making it realistic and achievable that everyone can do.

If you’re super busy and struggling – I can help you!
Perhaps you’re getting back into it or have an injury – I’ve got your back!
Maybe you need a push or to kick it up a gear – I’m your gal!

We are all at different stages which is why it’s so important that we make it all about what YOU NEED! It’s a bonus that you get your own Personal Trainer to share all of my experience and guide you through it ; )

This membership is about giving you the support, accountability and tools to stay on track and get results!
Let’s kick butt and help you feel fantastic! 

making health and fitness EASY

Your investment:

As a foundation member you get to lock in the discounted price of only
$20 per month. This is a one off price and only available for a short time!

And in case you’re feeling a bit hesitant;
For $0.60 p/day you get your own PT to guide you and keep you on track.
No more second guessing or feeling like you’re on your own!

Seriously, that’s less than a block of chocolate each week… And I know which one is going to help you get to your goals quicker hehe 😉

Plus that price is yours forever as long as you’re a member!

IMPORTANTLY there are NO  lock in contracts or minimum terms etc. I hate those games the fitness industry plays, which is why I’m making it easy! If you want to stop at any time, you simply log in and cancel! No pressure or guilt trips when you decide it’s no longer for you.
It really is that easy! (Hey it is my motto after all) 😛

making health and fitness EASY

I would really love to help you to have the body, health and fitness you crave!

Or if you’d like to pay upfront for 6 or 12 months and receive a discount you can click here:


Please know with this upfront option there are no refunds or partial credits if you choose to leave the group early or don’t choose not to participate. Any questions please let me know 🙂