Be stubborn about your goals but flexible in your approach!

Yay it’s Friday! To help you keep on track this weekend here’s a super quick 8 minute workout. You can do it anywhere, with no equipment needed!

I’m sharing this because at this time of year, as the crazy starts to ramp up, people sabotage themselves and undo their hard work!

Because we don’t have as much time we stop doing the things that were working. Because the ‘program’ we’re following doesn’t suit our lifestyle or cater for being busy; it means we can’t make it work so we quit.

I want to really encourage and remind you that it doesn’t have to be that way! You can still move, feel great, handle all of that stress and crazy as long as you change your approach and be FLEXIBLE! πŸ’–

When you think about it, with all of the functions, running around, catch ups…. (and that hasn’t started to touch on all of the kids activities) it’s WAY TO EASY to put yourself at the bottom of that never ending to do list! Which we both know ends up meaning it’s a 50/50 if you actually have the time or energy or motivation to get it done!

Once we’ve skipped a couple of workouts…..
Plus all of the extra ‘food/treats/nibbles/drinks’….
It’s only a matter of time before your Mean Girl starts saying “what’s the point” or sending you on a spiral!

I know this because it’s the same trap that I’d fall into every year myself (even though every year I’d vow next year would be different!)

Every year I’d end up so frazzled, overwhelmed, time poor and stressed out that the last thing I wanted to do was move!
Even though I KNEW moving would help me, it all just felt too difficult!
I’d get overwhelmed and tell myself I didn’t have enough time!

Here’s a friendly nudge to let you know it does not have to be this way!

And unlike so many trainers that’ll tell you to “just suck it up”, “make time” or “clearly you don’t want it enough” πŸ‘Ώ
You can continue to feel good but in a away that suits YOU!

When you start to shift the focus away from overhauls, extreme, hardcore or fads and focus on what feel’s good AND is realistic; you can stick with it!

And I know this because it’s exactly what I’ve done with all of my clients, VIP’s and Squirrels for over 12 years! It’s helping them to navigate through the busy times whilst giving them the support, motivation and accountability (oh and a kick up the bum when needed hehe) so they stay on track and continue to get results, even when life’s hectic!

How do I do this is really simple!
(No really it is!!!!)

We have a look at what’s coming up for their week and work out what’s going to be realistic and achievable for them! Now I KNOW that there will be part of you skimming ahead hoping for a ‘magic bullet or tip’ but seriously it is that simple!!

The biggest mistake I see people make time and time again is they make it way to freaking complex!

Complex = too hard = not doing = feeling crappy(er) = all too hard!

(Which becomes a vicious cycle that doesn’t work! So we make a choice that I’ll start again after Christmas.. But end up in the same place each year!)

When we’ve got unrealistic expectations and we don’t actually STOP and evaluate what’s going on how can we know what’s actually achievable?

For example: in your head you may say I’m going to work out 3 times this week, but the reality is with your schedule it’s only going to be once!
You’ve already set yourself up to fail before you’ve started!
And once Mean Girl starts telling you how much you suck, how long until you feel overwhelmed and helpless and quit?

The other thing I see is people aren’t flexible in their approach.

(Which on my ranty horse is how the fitness industry/diet culture has conditioned us! It’s a one size fit’s all approach that doesn’t help us adapt when life happens so it becomes all too hard and we can’t sustain it!)

  • Because we’ve been going to the gym x times and now can’t..
  • We stop going!
  • Because we don’t have as much time to workout…
  • We think it’s not worth it!
  • Because we’ve got too many things going on ….
  • We feel guilty and like we ‘should be doing something else’;
  • Because we’re so exhausted, stressed and tired…
  • We sit on the couch but it only makes us feel more tired and worse!
  • Because we’re eating more crap and feeling sluggish..
  • We lose the momentum and motivation to keep making those AWESOME choices that were working!!

If you can relate, flip it around so it’s EASY!

  • Can you do a workout at home?
    It’ll save you travel time, help your stress, keep your routine and give you energy!
  • Eating out all week? Focus on ONE good meal:
    So at least you’re giving yourself something nourishing to offset that sluggish, lethargic feeling!
  • Exhausted and too drained to workout?
    Go for a really gentle walk and give yourself some fresh air!
    Or spend 5 minutes first thing or before bed doing a lovely stretch. It’ll help with the fatigue and stress. PLUS it’ll help those niggles and aches that come with your body getting run down!

There are LOTS OF THINGS YOU CAN DO for you if you take a couple of minutes out of your day to think about them and lock it in!

And those 5 minutes will pay you back 100% because you’ll feel better, react to situations better, be less stressed, have more energy, sleep better and feel positive about yourself because this year you’re still focusing on you, without blowing up the wagon!

Remember EASY means you do it & then you feel great!
Huge hugs and lots of love!!!
– Amanda

STARJUMPS – Shout out for the Mums! You can always make these low impact!! Or you can mix it up, try knees, butt kicks, jogging on the spot, marching etc. Lots of options and as long as you’re moving it all counts!

BENTOVER ROWS & ARM CIRCLES – You can do these with our without weights! Main is thing you’re focusing on your technique! And if you don’t have weights you can use things you’ve got at home (like cans, water bottles etc) for some resistance!

If you’ve got any questions at all, please reach out!
And as ALWAYS listen to your body and do it YOUR WAY! πŸ’ͺ😍

Would you love help to stay on track?

I’d love to help. Let’s book in for a FREE NO BS Chat! I’m more than happy to help you figure out what YOU NEED that’s going to suit you! (No more cookie cutter approach that has you on/off the wagon all of the time! It’s time to do it YOUR WAY.