Here’s 6 Amanda truth bombs you need to hear…
I love you 😉

In the past I’d get uber motivated to lose weight and get fit.
I’d throw myself 100% into a new diet/program.
Everything would be planned out.
My diary was colour coded.
All my healthy food was bought and prepped.
My washing machine was full of sweaty workout clothes.
I felt unstoppable.

Maybe the first week didn’t give me the results that I really wanted – but that’s ok. I ‘knew’ that next week I’d kill it so I just needed to soldier on.

Week two came around and babow.
It wasn’t what I expected and I was devastated.
That sinking feeling kicked me in the guts.
The dread, the doubt, the desperation would overwhelm me.
It felt like nothing was ever going to work, this is impossible and worst of all I’d failed again.

Even though the scales had shifted (only a couple of hundred grams).
I’d also lost some cm’s too!
What I was doing was working – just not as quickly as I wanted.

But it didn’t make me feel any better.

I was trying to stay positive but Mean Girl was fixated on the crappy results.

I felt like I’d failed because it wasn’t the number I wanted;
It should have been a bigger number for all of that effort;
I didn’t feel good in my body….. (well only after weighing in, prior to that I felt unstoppable and loved how good I felt!)

From that point on I’d start sabotaging myself and second guessing EVERYTHING!
Food’s starting creeping back in;
So did the excuses…. “Just one”, “It won’t hurt”, “It doesn’t matter anyway”.
My skinny jeans I’d been strutting around in made me feel fat;
I felt bloated, puffy and just blagh in my own skin.

Have you been here too? (Hells yes says every woman on the planet hehe)

Here’s some things that you need to hear and think about! And it’s not going to be crap like “just don’t eat that” or weird arse solutions like drink apple cider vinegar!

However, before we start know that this is said with so much love and my intention is to give you a super friendly nudge! OK buckle up – time to put our big girl panties on 😉

First Truth: We romanticise about weight loss “should” look like without knowing the facts!

We’ll come up with these numbers because it’s what we want.
Yet we don’t know EXACTLY what you’ve got to do to get those goals!

Often the numbers we’re using are extreme!
And frankly most of us don’t want to train 7 days a week and eat 1200 calories to get there!
It’s freaking tough, demanding, depriving and unsustainable!

PLUS you don’t know what the best approach is for your body AND your lifestyle!

Those cookie cutter, one size fits all approaches that the fitness industry sells you don’t let you juggle the real things that come up!
I’m talking about work, the kids, family commitments, friends and actually having a social life in there too!

By the time you get through all of that do you really want to spend countless hours at the gym training, meal prepping and saying no all of the time?

Second Truth: Up until now, you’ve been avoiding what’s been going on!

You knew that your weight was creeping up, it made you uncomfortable but you weren’t watching it.

So much so, when you finally jumped on the scales you were completely shocked! Seriously how did it get that high? That can’t be right!?!?!

You didn’t pay attention to how often you were saying “one more won’t hurt”, “ah what the heck, I’ll start my diet tomorrow”.

You hadn’t realised that those ‘sometimes’ things were now daily things;
The soft drinks, the after-dinner biscuits, the cheeky mid-afternoon pick me up or how big your portion sizes have become over time!

You knew that you weren’t exercising as much and felt sluggish and the niggles. But because you were so busy, tired and exhausted you didn’t realise how often you kept putting of gym, your classes, stretching and those things that made you feel good!

Being a Mum you knew that you were run down and needed some you time, yet you kept putting everyone else first. And those rare times you had a chance to go to bed early, you’d be scrolling your phone and then bam, it was past midnight again!

And for me, even though my Mean Girl was in the background smugishly reminding me “you’re fat, you shouldn’t be having that” it just made me feel worse. Some days I’d fight back and tell her I was going to start soon….
It never worked long term.

Third Truth: Now you’re hyper vigilant and expecting to move mountains!

When you’re super motivated it really can consume your thoughts.
You’re so excited about the possibilities….
I’m going to lose that weight that’s been plaguing me for years;
I’ll look so hot in those outfits;
How good will it be to feel sexy and confident in my body;
I’m going to look and feel like a bad ass! (haha or is that just me?)
Finally I’m back in control!

And these thoughts follow us everywhere! So when we’re constantly thinking about it often our perception of time get’s a little warped!
(Aka I’ve been doing this forever, why hasn’t it happened yet!)

I’m talking about things like.

In the past you’d look away from your reflection in the show window;
Now you’re checking yourself out…. Can I see it yet?

Previously you ate what you wanted or were half arsed at being healthy;
Now you’re super mindful every meal….. Why don’t I have abs yet?

You used to avoid the scales like the plague;
Now you jump on them every chance you get…. Why aren’t they moving more?

The thing we forget and don’t want to face is that weight you’re so desperately trying to get rid of took months, years and decades to put on! Just because you’re now being mindful and making awesome choices does not mean you can undo all of that in seconds!

Your body takes time to adjust and to do it right, it’s not something that can be rushed!

(Which is why it’s so freaking hard and why so many of us struggle! Consistency here is key!)

Fourth Truth: We tell ourselves “yeah but…. It should be more”

Haha Snap! There was part of you that said it wasn’t there 😛

So here’s my question – say’s who?
Where are you actually getting this information from?
Why do you think you should lose (x) amount?

Because most of the information out there that’s about people getting crazy big numbers is a scam long term! They’ve gone so hard core and extreme to get those results, but it killed them to do it!

And the really sad and frustrating thing is, 12 months on they’re even worse off than they started… But now feeling even worse, more desperate and upset!

It’s time for us to stop losing the same kilos over and over and over again!
I know from my own experience and from the hundreds of clients I’ve helped…

You’ve got to get real about the deeper stuff;
It’s about working on your mindset;
Having the accountability so you stay on track;
And unless you see yourself doing this long term…
It won’t stick no matter how much you want it!

Keep it real and surround yourself with positive, upbeat cheerleaders who are on the same journey as you!

Fifth Truth: You’re SO off base with your guesstimations it aint funny!

This is by far the biggest trap that I see people fall into!

They overestimate how much they actually do;
And they under estimate the impact of some of the choices they’re making.
(Note that doesn’t mean about deprivation or any of that crap. It’s about keeping it real and stopping the mind games we play with ourselves!)

For example, let’s say (using Mean Girl language), I’ve been really lazy. I’ve fallen off the wagon, eating badly, not moving at all and really struggling. I decide I’ve had enough and turn it all around.

So now I go from zero movement to training 3 times this week for 30mins.
I get sweaty, I hurt a little since I haven’t used those muscles in such a long time!

Buttttt I had a really bad weekend. I made some ‘naughty choices’ but hey I should be ok.

What the F***… The scales say otherwise!

Let’s break that down.

And this is being generous!!
In those three sessions maybe you burnt 900 calories.
Yet for your big weekend you actually hit 1000 calories.
Which trust me is SO easy to do if you start adding in alcohol, finger foods, a dessert here or two!

So all of your hard work was negated by that ‘bad’ weekend.
But in our head that feels so unfair because I put in so much effort during the week!

(Again want to stress calorie counting isn’t the be all and end all! This is an example to help us put it into context of how we can be sabotaging ourselves without realising!)

And here’s the mindset spin we don’t take!

Before you started ‘being good’, previously you would have PUT ON WEIGHT!

NOW because of your great choices > YOU DIDN’T PUT ON WEIGHT!!! (Winning!!)

BUT because deep down we wanted to lose more, it feels like we failed!
Which lets your Mean Girl get louder, telling you what’s the point and you may as well quit.

Missing the fact that up until now you’d have put weight on in that situation. But because you’ve become focused, you’re not going to celebrate that you improved 100% in that situation and didn’t put on weight!

Instead you expect you should improve 200% and lost too!
Talk about extremes when you break it down right!

So please know this isn’t about depressing you or making you feel helpless!
It’s not about telling yourself you can’t have that or locking yourself away!
In fact it’s 100% the opposite!

Be balanced, practical and realistic in your expectations so you don’t sabotage yourself or your results long term!
Particularly at this time of year when we’re so out of our normal routine!

Last Truth/Tip: Be really mindful about who you’re getting your advice from.

I see this all of the time too, particularly with Social Media and all of the “look at me snaps!” You know the ones that only show the super happy up days, but neglect to show you the cringe worthy binge days!
The days they feel like crap and crying crying snot bubbles because they’re so freaking exhausted, hungry and overwhelmed!

So if you find you’re getting advice from the office lunch room where every week it’s a new diet, shake or program….
Or you’re expecting to get the same as the insta feed you’re following…
Then maybe that’s not the best place for inspiration and advice!

Make sure that the expectations you’re setting up for yourself are realistic, achievable and maintainable! And if you really want to get off the diet/weight loss yo-yo, then maybe it’s time to look a little deeper at some of this stuff so you can make true lasting change!

Are you sick of struggling with this on your own?

For years my Mean Girl told me that “I should be able to work this out.”
I felt so much embarrassment and shame about how far I’d let this go. I always felt like I had to “fix it” before I asked for help.

You know the clean the house before the cleaning lady comes! Get fit before you go to gym!

It’s BS and never works because if it did, we wouldn’t be so freaking stuck!

Thankfully I realised I was making it that much harder for myself!
Trying to juggle all of life stuff and THEN deal with my own sabotage, mindsets, doubts and struggles.

It was too easy to let things slip, play mind games with myself and nothing to really ever change! When we have accountability, support and encouragement everything changes!

We have someone to help us focus, even when we’re overwhelmed and frazzled!

Someone to take the guess work and thinking out of it and help us make life long changes, not just quick fixes that fizzle out.

If you are ready for change, I know with 100% certainty I can help you (it’s why I have a money back guarantee!!).

If you want to find out more, let’s book in a no obligation BS FREE chat! Even if it’s not for you right now, the chat will help give you an awesome focus and place to start!

You deserve to feel amazing!
Taking back control and living a fit, healthy life doesn’t have to be extreme or crazy!

Until next time guys, be kind to yourself and keep it real!
You’re doing an awesome job! YES Mean Girl – even on the bad days!

You’ve got this!
Luv Amanda xx