We all know that we could drink a little more water right?!

We also know that drinking water is good for our health, it helps us with our weight, our concentration, our skin etc…

Yet it’s something that we seem to get distracted and forget about.

I get it (and can put my hand up too) which is why I’ve created this free daily water challenge.

It’s super easy and super doable so it’s easy for you to focus on your health!

  • It starts on Monday Monday 13th of August (eek next week)
  • I’ll be sending out super quick daily emails as a friendly reminder with some tips and tricks I use with my clients. It really is amazing what a pop-up email can do ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • YOU set your own water goal so that it suits you and is realistic!
  • And if you’d love extra support & accountability you can join me in the Free Private Facebook Group.

I’m a HUGE believer that we ALL have the best intentions when it comes to our health & fitness. We’d all love to feel fitter, healthier and stronger – but we sometimes get distracted.

Let me help you to make YOU a focus
(in a way that you’ll achieve it and feel great!)ย 

Are you in?

To join the water challenge, simply fill in your details below.
Can’t wait to be sipping waters with you my friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

– Cheers, Amanda xx

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