Hey There 😊

I feel that today’s message is really important for you to hear!

Because as you know, life happens and we get sucked into autopilot… 
And then all of a sudden it’s October. 😲 

I’d love for you to hear that…

“I believe you can absolutely achieve whatever you want to!
However I think the thing that is stopping you from reaching your goals, is YOU!”

I know without a doubt if you really want to achieve these things you can!
If you want to lose weight or tone up, you can;
Perhaps you want to be fitter, healthier or stronger, yup you can do that too;
Maybe you’d love to set yourself a goal, do a challenge or learn something new. Yes you can!

And I don’t even believe that it has to be ridiculous, extreme or crazy to achieve those goals! As long as they’re realistic and you’re consistent, you will absolutely succeed.

Yet so often we sabotage ourselves! 

We let our self doubt and the mind games convince us we can’t. 
And the really hard part is sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re doing it!

I can say this with such conviction and no judgement at all because I’ve been there! And being human I still go through it too! (haha to much for my own comfort sometimes)

My old pattern when dealing with doubts often ended in me spiralling out of control. 

I’d binge eat, which would make my mean girl go nuts and continue the cycle; 
I’d sabotage myself or stop, even when I knew that it wasn’t helping me;
Or something would “conveniently come up” so I couldn’t reach my goal. 

Although I’d feel really deflated and upset, there was another part of me that felt relieved.  I was playing mind games with myself that were keeping me stuck. I’d be saying things like…
“I’ll have to wait until xyz and then I’ll start again…” 
or convince myself that “I would have succeeded if that hadn’t happened.” 

With hindsight I was always going to sabotage myself because I was so overwhelmed with the diet program I was forcing myself to do. 
I desperately wanted to change, but deep down I really didn’t want to live my life like that.

Thankfully I’ve been able to step away from the vicious cycle I kept putting myself through. 

The unrealistic diets or programs, frantically hoping this time would be different. Then the emotions, triggers, reactions, and self doubt they’d cause. 

I now know that most of these approaches are band-aids! 
They didn’t actually address what’s going on for me deep down.
And until I did that nothing would ever really change! 
Even if I really wanted it to.

And keeping it real, these feelings and triggers still pop up! (haha always when I least expect it.) I think anyone who says they go away for good has never struggled with this.. or they’re a robot hehe 🙊 

But now instead of judging myself for having these thoughts or feelings, or for falling off the wagon; 
I work my way through it!

And I can’t begin to tell you how much more peaceful and calm it is!
And the more I do it, the easier it get’s each time!

Just like the first time you go to gym and do a push-up. 
In the beginning it feels like you’ll never be able to and the mean guy/girl talk is intense… 
But then all of a sudden without thinking you’re doing them!
It’s like your body got stronger without you realising.
(the power of consistency my friend!)

Does this sound familiar at all?

Do you find yourself sabotaging or doubting yourself? 
Are you always in a stop/start loop?
Find that you can’t stick with it once your motivation wears off? 
Maybe you’re not pushing yourself as much as you could be?

If it is, I’d really encourage you to DIG DEEPER!
I promise you that the answer isn’t in another diet, finding the “perfect workout regime”.
It’s not about “starting when” or “waiting until”….
We only have right now in this moment! 

And some tough Amanda love for you. 
The “waiting until game” is a trap you’re keeping yourself in right now! 
All your doing is distracting yourself and prolonging this outcome you’re avoiding. 

Because if you’re life is this hectic now there will still be distractions, even “when you wait until”. This sabotaging mindset is wishing time away that you never get back!

There is no perfect moment and you’re actually making it harder for yourself in the long run. And I think deep down you know that too! 💓

Here are a couple of ways to get you started moving past your self sabotaging loop:

1. Start looking at what your triggers are.

    • Is it regular or sporadic? 
      > When you start getting results or perhaps when you’re stressed?
    • Is it triggered by a person or event?
  • Are you avoiding something or feeling uncomfortable etc.

2. How you deal with them when you come up

    • Do you binge eat or sabotage yourself another way?
    • Maybe you stop doing something that was working? 
      > setting the alarm so you skip gym, not drinking water or planning sessions etc
    • Maybe you start doing something that doesn’t work?
      > Start eating extra snacks or eating foods you weren’t, going out more?
  • Does your mental chatter change? 
    > Tell yourself you’re too busy, it’s too hard or giving yourself excuses etc? 

3. Come up with some strategies that will work for you so you can over come them!

  • This needs to be about what works for you NOW! Not in the past, not in the future – right now!

And this isn’t a “click your fingers” and try once kinda deal!
Same as your health and fitness. 
You can’t just do one killer workout and “Wallah! You’re done for life”. 
Ugh if only right! 😉 
This is something that you continue to work on.

And it is SO worth it! 

(That’s in case your mean guy/girl went “ugh another thing I don’t have time/can’t be bothered!”)

When for the majority of the time you can be at peace with yourself;
Have confidence and belief that you can achieve it;
Removing the struggle, anxiety and drain of always second guessing yourself;
Pushing yourself to be the best version of you that you can be;
Feeling amazing and having an abundance of energy;
Knowing and trusting that you’re doing the right thing for you!;
That my friend is pretty damn awesome and rewarding!

I completely get it can be tough and overwhelming on our own! 
The self doubt and overwhelm can be paralysing!
Often it means that we put it off or tell ourselves we’ll do it later… yet it’s October already!
How are your goals tracking to date? 
(I’m deliberately pushing buttons to remind you that time wait’s for no-one and you deserve to feel awesome!)  

I really believe that breaking this down and making it so easy is my super power! And I’d really love to help you fast track it all and get the results you crave!  So this Christmas you look and feel awesome like you deserve!

My program Operation Feel Awesome starts next week. (hehe technical name I know!) 😍

I’m working with a select few to dig deep and help you to make real, lasting change! So you can start taking action now on having the health & fitness that you doubt you can have. 

I’ll help you discover exactly what you need to be doing for YOU! 
No matter how busy or crazy life is (which is even more reason you need to be looking after you!)
We’ll dig into your mindset and sabotages and come up with strategies to help you overcome them.
Plus I’ll be with you every step of the way to keep you accountable and on track!

To make lasting change it’s about more than “working out” or “eating right”. It needs to look at the full picture and be about what YOU NEED!

No more second guessing, doubting or not getting results!
It’s all about common sense health & fitness that fit’s into your life!

If you are sick and tired of dieting and want to make it happen, come join me! I’d love to help you stop putting you & your fabulous goals last and help you kick butt!

Doors close Sunday and spots are limited:

Because I believe you deserve to feel awesome!

Huge Hugs! 
– Amanda xx