I jumped on the scales and they’d gone up…
WHAT THE?????😖😞😭

The dreaded gut sinking feeling started to kick in.
Mean Girl starts saying “I told you so… What’s the point?”

This is after about a week and a half, two weeks of tightening up my nutrition.

I’d gone from around 50-60% eating well
(ie. having an extra ‘treat’ or two here and there, not being mindful of my portion sizes, telling myself daily ‘it won’t hurt’, rather than sometimes it became really frequent etc.)

To around 80-90% healthy & real food.
Things like healthy dinners, making sure I had yummy salads made up and food in the fridge (so I don’t reach for toast which is like crack to me and upsets my body!)

My movement had gone from 1-2 sessions per week with some other incidental movement;
To exercising 5-6 times and adding in some amazing stretching for my body (soooo gooodd!!)

I felt like I was on fire!
I felt fit healthy and strong!
My body loved it, had more energy, sleeping better, less stressed, minimal niggles and aches
(and I could go on…)
This is who I want to be!💪💪

So when I jumped on the scales and they’d gone up that sick, deflated, angry and overwhelmed feelings kicked in. 😡

I’m sure you’ve been here too?
(Like um… every woman on the planet right!)
This is how I always used to feel as well!

Here’s the thing I really need to you take away from this post.


(And yup, if you’re addicted to the scales like I used to be I’m sure your Mean Girl piped up with “yeah I know that but….”)

So here’s the REAL / BIG picture!
I did my cm’s as well with a tape measure.
I’d actually lost 10cms! Which is freaking fantastic in a short period of time!

And here’s the real kicker….

The night before I’d been out with friends to the pub. We’d had a couple of beers and a traditional pub meal. The next morning when I jumped on the scales there is no way that heavy meal had had a chance to digest and pass through my body.

So of course, that’s going to reflect on the scales!
Yet for some reason we don’t stop and apply logic to this magical little machine and it has the power to stuff up our entire day/week!

It’s the same as if you drink a litre of water and then jump on the scales, you’re going to be a kilo heavier!
Our body weight will ALWAYS be fluctuating depending what we’ve been eating, drinking (and other things too) which means our weight will too! 😲

Yet for some crazy reason we put so much damn dependence, worth, expectation on what the scales say! Hoping that when we jump on we’re managing to capture that ‘perfect’ time of day.

And if it’s not the number we’ve made up… It’s an up down roller coaster of emotions.
I’d admit even now with everything I know and all of the mindset work I’ve do, there was still part of me where my Mean Girl wanted to start a self-loathing rally!

That number…..

👎 Made me doubt that what I was actually doing was working;

👎 I dismissed how good, powerful and strong I’d been feeling;

👎 I disregarded how amazing, calm, less stressed and fantastic I mentally felt;

👎 And if I let it, would be ammunition for Mean Girl to make me blow up and sabotage myself.

When the reality is if I want to feel better;
I want to get fitter, healthier, leaner and stronger;

And the FULL KEEPING IT REAL PICTURE is it is working! The cm’s said so!

Even though the scales didn’t!
But again using common sense, of course they couldn’t because the night before I’d just had a big heavy pub meal! (Which I absolutely enjoyed and don’t regret at all! This ‘journey’ can’t be about deprivation and starvation if you want it to last!)

Here’s the reminder we all need.

Putting so much “weight” in what the scales say can often lead you to sabotaging, doubting or derailing all of those amazing actions you’ve been doing!

The more barriers, obstacles and hurdles we can remove and instead focus on how good it feels, the easier it becomes!

It stops being this all or nothing, on off quick fix that ends up with us feeling more deflated and depressed than when we started!

Hopefully an awesome reminder as we go into the silly season! Keep it real.

Work hard at being mindful and keeping the Mean Girl chatter to a minimum!
You’ve so got this! 💪😘
– Amanda xx

Amanda Rattay scales gone up
Scales alone are not your friend!

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