I believe that exercise should feel doable, not scary!

 I believe that moving & feeling great doesn’t have to be about doing crazy advanced workouts (that often are about the trainers showing off, rather than what’s best for their clients!) 😏

 I believe that when it feels really daunting or scary, we need to keep it simple so we actually DO IT, rather than putting it off.

 I believe it can be relatively easy to live a fit & healthy lifestyle when we don’t buy into the hype and let go of the crap

 And I want to help you believe that YOU CAN DO THIS! 

To help get you moving here’s a quick workout I did today…
Of course Yuki had to join in on all of the fun! 🐩😍💪

Let me know how you go when you’ve given it a crack!!
Here’s to kicking butt and making it happen! xx

PS – does anyone else have “I believe I can fly” after reading that hehe? 🙊🤣🎵