Hey gang, so this week I have to confess that I have really been struggling.
(shock horror, an actual PT saying that they’re human! Who knew that such a thing existed hehe)

There has been so much going on this week.
On Tuesday it was 4 years for the MH17 crash (tragically we lost a really good mate), we have a heartbreaking illness in the family and I also have my Mum staying with me.

Which is actually awesome and doesn’t really sit in that sentence well. I mention it (and I’m sure that you can relate to this as well), when we have someone stay with us it throws our routine out the window.

So I feel like I’m being pulled in so many different directions, like I’m barely treading water to stay afloat and really struggling to make time for myself.

On the Tuesday I put up a video on Facebook which I thought I’d share with you here. It’s a bit emotional (hehe as I say, how am I going to deal with my “tuff” PT image being ruined if I have tears hehe) however I think it’s a really important and timely reminder!

Huge hugs and lots of love to you and yours!
And PLEASE do make time for you! 

Huge hugs!
Luv Amanda xx

PS – Would you like me to do a video to give you different ideas and strategies that you can use when you feel like you’re ‘drowning’ but know that you still need to keep looking after yourself? <3