Do you need to drink more water?

We all know that it’s good for us, yet it’s something that we can struggle with!

Recently I ran a free 7 day water challenge to help us stay focused and do something really good for ourselves! It got some really fantastic feedback and the guys found it helped them to drink more water!

That’s something to ‘drink to’ in my book! … haha.. groan I know! 

I think a HUGE part of us succeeding is finding different ways to do things. I know from my own experience and my clients, just because something worked once doesn’t mean it can or will work again (um hello diets anyone!)

So I wanted to share with you some of the things the guys in the challenge have found to be working really well for them. I hope you’re able to be inspired by one or two of them!

Here is the list that we’ve come up with:

  • [Elissa] I have a 2 litre bottle on my bench that i fill each morning. I have 2 glasses just after i fill it and then fill my work water bottle. Its already less than half filled then. I usually finish the water when I’m making dinner. Makes it easier for me if i can see it instead of guessing
  • [Kate] Red Seal Lemon Lime tea bag added to cold water – a bit of flavour 😊

  • [Frances]  I have been adding more flavor. Lemon, lime or tangerine
    Plus, I have a favorite water bottle and I find if I use that particular one I drink more water.

  • [Emma] What’s working for me is noticing that it has a significant impact on my energy levels. So every time I’m tired, I have a drink of water. Works even better than tea (although I still like my tea, but I’m drinking a small glass of water while my cup brews)
  • [Kate] Drinking from a 1lt water bottle
  • Making my smoothie with water instead
  • Adding a dash of natural cordial for the last litre
  • Have a glass of warm lemon water in the morning
  • [Julie] Filling up a jug so it’s there as a reminder
  • [Carly] Adding a peppermint tea bag to my water
  • Trying out new flavours with fruit and drinking for a big cup
  • [Penny] The reminder emails (maybe we can use this idea and put reminders in our diary etc)
  • Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. A great way to start the morning and also makes it easier to stay on track through the day.

I think that there are some awesome suggestions there!
Again like a lot of the stuff that I talk about, most of these won’t be new! It’s not about that!

It’s about finding easy ways that we can incorporate these things into our day to day lives so that they stick and become a habit!

So I’ll finish up with a huge shout out to the guys that took part in the challenge! You guys rocked and I loved your energy. And thank you for sharing your tips and what’s working. I’m sure it will help others too!

If you want to take part in the next free challenge in September which will be movement focused, make sure to join into the Free Private Facebook Group so you get all of the details.

Lastly if there’s anything I’ve missed or you’d love to add please let me know below in the comment’s! I’d love to hear your tips and share them with the guys!

Cheers 😉
– Amanda xx