Hey Guys!
I’m so excited to share this with you and know you’re going to get a big dose of Amanda LOVE & MOTIVATION!

I recently did an interview with Amanda (hehe great name) and we dug deep into some awesome topics that will help you on your fitness journey too!

We touched on things like:

  • How I overcame the struggles of dieting, fads and binge eating;
  • Why I could never getting results no matter what I tried (sound familiar?);
  • We talked about what’s a realistic goal and the REAL challenges we face and what’s normal!
    (Hint it’s not selfies and motivational quotes like the fitness industry often preaches wink 
  • And I also share my tools I use to stay on track when I’m struggling or my Mean Girl wants to sabotage me;

You’ll get some great takeaways and things that you can put into practise right away!

As below, check out the awesome hint to help you ensure you listen to (instead of “one day getting around to it… ahem!)

And I’d really love to hear your feedback too!

Ok, I’m off to sign autographs now (hehe ok not really because Yuki dog doesn’t count 😆)

Thanks for listening!
Luv Amanda xx

AWESOME TIP – Have you found the (x) speed button?

So I used to fall into the trap of wanting to listen to something but never having time or getting around to it. 
That was until I found the speed up button and it CHANGED MY WORLD!

Now when I listen to videos or podcasts I speed them up (x 1.25, x1.5 etc). I know get through all of the great content and don’t keep ‘putting it off until later’…. which ends up being forgotten about.. *cough*.

If you listen through Apple Podcast or YouTube you’ll be able to speed it up!
It’s a serious GAME CHANGER! And you’re welcome! 😆

Please tell me what you think!!!

When you’ve had a chance to listen I’d really love to hear your feedback for my Podcast debute! (hehe please be kind wink)

What was your biggest take away from listening and what do you plan to focus on for the week?
Remember to keep it easy, so you can stick with it and feel awesome! You’ve got this! 💪