Thank you to the guys that watched and shared their health and fitness plan with me (& the group!) It’s a pleasure to help you kick butt! Thank you for your support as always! <3

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it and want to come up with your own health and fitness plan here’s the replay.

It’ll be about discovering what you want to do rather than what you “think you should be doing”. We’ll take into account your fitness levels, lifestyle, time constraints. It’ll even be realistic achievable and actually doable… shock horror 😉

There’s a workbook you can work along to (link below).
And here are the links I mention in the workshop


  • If you’d love to work with me and I’ll help you stay accountable and on track you can find more info here:
    (Last intake for the year will be October 2018. Beat the new year price rise and finish the year kicking goals and feeling st

I can’t wait to help you  come up with a realistic action plan that’ll help you kick butt! Pleas let me know how you go!
Luv Amanda xx
PS even if you don’t have a Facebook account you can watch this video 🙂



Stages in the video:

If you want to fast forward to the start (I had logged on early):
4:30 – Talking about how you can use this workshop / workbook
6:30 – Starting the presentation

From Meh to Motivated WORKBOOK Download

Full Event description:

♥ Do you want to feel healthy yet struggle to find the time or motivation?
♥ Have you ever felt like you need to move more or eat better, but you just can’t force yourself to do it?
♥ Do you constantly feel exhausted, run down and always getting sick?
♥ Are you feeling overwhelmed and deflated? It’s like no matter what you try, you never get results that stick?

I know how you feel because I’ve been there too – and it sucks!!!

* I want to help you get out of this rut!
* I’d love to help you from feeling meh and yucky (yup, they’re the technical words hehe) to feeling motivated and back in control!
*I want to help you believe that YOU’VE GOT THIS!

If you’d love to feel that way too, I’d love for you to come and join me for my free online workshop: From Meh To Motivated.
It’s going to be all about helping YOU come up with a realistic, healthy and achievable fitness plan for YOUR body!

We’ll be making a health and fitness plan that is:

[] Going to suit your fitness levels
[] Flexible so you can adapt when life stuff comes up (and it always does right!)
[] Will take into account YOUR time constraints, family circumstances, injuries etc. It won’t be about me telling you to do 7 training sessions when you’ve realistically only got time for 2!
(Seriously no wonder those programs don’t stick right!)
[] About helping you discover what YOU want to do, not what you think that you ‘should do’

I’ll be running the event on Sunday 20th of May at 7:30pm and it will go for around 45 minutes.

With this workshop this isn’t going to be a gimmicky thing. If you watch it and go through the steps with me, YOU WILL come out of it with a realistic health and fitness plan that you can put into action right away! How awesome is that ♥

Also to be completely transparent (it’s the only way I operate…sometimes to my own determent hehe) at the very end I’ll be talking about a program I’ll be running for those of you that would love some extra accountability and support to really put this plan into action and make it happen.)

And hey, that won’t be for everyone and I won’t be offended at all if you decide to bail at that point! Even if you’re not interested in hearing about the program, you will still get fantastic value out of watching the workshop! I believe that if you’ve given up your precious time to allow me to share my system on coming up with a fitness plan, it better be great value 😉

So again, want to re-itterate that this workshop is completley free, no strings or expectations attached.
>> Well apart from I want you to feel uber motivated and like you can seriously kick butt and like you can do this! 😉

Can’t wait to help you go from Meh to Motivated and create a realistic health & fitness plan that you’ll actually do! ♥

Luv Amanda xx

Amanda Rattay making health and fitness EASY - health and fitness plan workshop replay